This elderly couple took a photo in their small garden outside their house for every season of the year, come rain, snow or shine.

They stood in the same spot for every season and showed off their beautiful little garden, which they were obviously very proud of.

I’m mesmerized by these wonderful pictures.  Many emotions to be felt.

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West Coast starfish colony, Otago | New Zealand (by Simon East)


Forest Fire

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Making everything a mystery




Photographer Discreetly Captures Roadside Prostitutes as They Wait for Customers

Spanish photographer Txema Salvans captures a unique view of prostitution happening in urban and rural roadside locations along Spain’s Meditarranean coast in The Waiting Game. Collected over a period of six years, these images are remarkably intriguing. Blending into the surrounding scenery as if part of the landscape, these women are not the central focus of Txema’s frame, rather they sit waiting just on the periphery. The women also seem to be in the middle of nowhere, and in fact, they are. They are on the side of highways, secondary highways, and small byways that run from town to town. And while these roads are considered more discrete and low-key, they are still well traveled—many take them to avoid having to pay the toll for the main highways, and trucks carrying goods and fruits take these roads from Andalucia to France.

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Russian Ballerina

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My father’s father, Bruno
leans forward and glisteningly declares
that they built this building
just this morning.
Just this morning? my father leans in
like baiting a hook,
proficient now.
Yeah! Grandpa’s blue eyes sparkle towards
the attention, the reality.
Just this morning!
Hahahahahaha! laughs Dad.
Grandma stares in a way that is furious
and weaponless.
My mother, the silent statue
a kind of obedience learned over time
when one does what one must.



Beautiful Anatomical Skeletons, Posed and Photographed As Sculptures

Photographer Patrick Gries transforms ordinary specimens, stripped of fur and flesh, into art that showcases motion, predation and evolution

What happens when you unleash an acclaimed luxury goods photographer on hundreds of anatomical animal skeletons kept in museum collections

If that photographer is Patrick Gries and the skeletons are those of Paris’ Natural Museum of History, you’ll get a series of 300 stark photographs that transform staid, ordinary scientific specimens into biological art.

1.A golden eagle swoops for a rabbit     2. A Narwhal

3.An African elephant            4. A Horse and Human

5. A Brown Woolly Monkey           6. A Flying Lemur
7. A Cheetah                                8.A red fox and common vole
9.A Eurasian Sparrowhawk and a House Sparrow
10. A Rattlesnake

these are from a great book


Kelp forests have always been so…….alluring to me. I used to watch videos of orcas darting in between the stretches of green; I fell in love.

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Samantha Keely Smith


before completely dismissing the advantages of technology, pls step outside of your able-bodied perspective & consider what it means for those of us who are disabled + spend countless days of our years confined to our beds, unable to “get up & enjoy life outside of a computer/smartphone screen.” the internet has truly been a blessing for this chronically sick girl.

I think of this often, as plenty of the technology I see pop up is instantly mocked as enabling people to be even lazier, dooming us all to a dystopian future. It always amazes me at how oblivious the commentary seems to the idea that this could be life-changing for the right people.

Even when considering able-bodied people, it never seems to occur to anyone that there’s a choice to not give up on all things and turn into a lazy lump. It could instead be seen as a powerful opportunity to prioritize, to choose what to be lazy about so time can be devoted to more important things. A practice that has been readily repeated throughout history and I would say has been key to the advancement of several aspects of humanity.

As one of those with the disabled perspective, I’m pretty fucking happy to be alive in these times. The internet and technology have done absolutely incredible things to improve my life.


~we’re all a little wounded and that’s okay~

(adventure time is affecting me a lot lately okay)



"We’ve been friends for 43 years. Every few years, we meet for a few hours, and pick right back up."

Azure. :)

Sarah. ;)